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Halloween Mini’s!

Halloween costumes are expensive and your kids only wear them for one freezing night!  Sooo I thought why not get a little more use out of them and get another excuse to head to a beautiful orchard and take some pics!  I called up my friends on a Saturday night, grabbed some costumes, and starting snapping pics so that you can see an example of how adorable you children will be!  At first I was going to schedule these mini’s on Oct. 30th closer to Halloween, but then I realized how adorable the pumpkin patch is and I’m sure by then it’ll be pretty sparse and picked through.  I’m so glad my friends Hope and Shawn were up for our adventure:)

Halloween minis are $50, first come first serve….Oct. 8th at Anderson Orchards (rain date is Oct 9th).  Bring your kiddo to come trick-or-treating! Booking is for a half hour, email me at if interested!

Sorg Fort Ben

It makes sense for my first blog post to be of the Sorg family.  I’m one of Lucy’s godmothers and I have a small obsession of taking her picture…Okay it’s definitely a problem, BUT atleast I can admit it!!  She is perfection and I love capturing her in her little world.  Not only is she just beautiful in every way, but she her expressions make me melt and I end up having 1,000 pictures that I LOVE!  Also, her parents are up for anything, so they are my guinea pigs!  If you would’ve told me 10 years ago that I’d be up at 8 in the morning with Jer and Melinda taking pictures of their precious lil girl running around on a hill I would’ve called you crazy, then would’ve gone back to sleep until 3 pm 😉  We met at Fort Ben for the most perfect sunrise.  Little did I know that there was a race scheduled at Fort Ben that day and thousands of people would be “warming up” across from the hill I was determined to take pictures on.  That didn’t stop me from carrying watermelons, props, and fingerpaints haha I think they all thought I was crazy.  Thanks Sorg fam for always being troopers & hanging out through Rhea’s shoot also so I could capture the two cuties finger-painting in their tutus!!

Katie S - August 30, 2011 - 2:41 pm

So cute!!!!! Great job! :)

Future session info :)

Hello! First off, I just want to take the time to personally thank you for choosing me to take your pictures.  I know for a fact there are MANY photographers in Indianapolis, and I’m so excited that you chose me!  I promise we will work together to get the “look” you’re going for. I receive a lot of emails asking questions on what to expect, so I wanted to send some tips that I’ve come up with to help parents out a bit.


What to wear:

Bring as many outfits as you would like.  Wear something you’re comfortable in and that you feel great in.  My personal advice is that you don’t all have to MATCH, but just try to mesh well; mix styles, colors, textures, and layers.  I love the mix-matched, yet blended together look.  Try to stay away from big stripes, & large brand name emblems (you never know when they may go out of style).


Also, consider your surroundings and/or photo background. For example, if your shoot is in a park/outside, wearing all green may blend in with the background.  Layers are great options too; you can easily slip off a jacket and go for a totally different look!  You don’t all want to look the same, because each of your lils has a different personality that can shine through.  If you need any advice, please feel free to contact me:)I LOVE finding goodies!  You should definitely consider getting whole family pictures too! Yes, I know how busy it can be working all week and running around town; it’s sometimes easier to just get the kiddos ready. BUT your little one will only be going through these stages ONCE, and you’ll want to look back on it, even if it’s just a few shots!


What to expect:

I will be at our discussed location setting up before you arrive.  If we’ve discussed certain props/setup, I’ll have it ready, so that the kids aren’t waiting and getting impatient.  I usually have the kids take a few pictures with my camera, so they can see what I see; that always helps get them started.  If you have a certain “scene” or style in mind, please just let me know beforehand, and we can make it beautiful!  If there is something that is meaningful to your kids or family (whether it be ballet, guitar, piano, trucks, religion, church, or just taking pictures of a regular day in your household), let me know; we’ll work it in. These pictures will be on your walls and in your memory books, so let me know what you like and we’ll go from there!


How to prepare:

If I am taking photos of your children, try not to get too stressed! I have found that if the parents are stressed and worried, the kids feed off of this in a negative way.  I *really* want this to be a fun day for both the kids and the parents. I believe that you, as the parents, choose me over the “studio-type, arranged posed pictures” because you want natural expressions and candid pictures of your children. In order to make sure that I get the best pictures of your children, it’s important for you, as the parent, to step back and allow me the opportunity to get to know your child on their level. By doing this, they will start to feel comfortable with me and eventually let their natural expressions shine. I know it’s very hard as a parent to step back and try not to intervene (because you spent a lot of time getting the family ready for pictures and your sweet children may have turned into small terrors :); but I promise that if let me work my magic, you will fall in love with the beautiful pictures of your children just like I have!


This is one day that your kids don’t have to follow the rules. They can run through the field barefoot and screaming, and it’ll be the perfect picture to look back at and laugh.  One way to prepare is to not make the session a “big deal.” Don’t stress over it; just say you are going to be playing in a park, orchard, painting, or creek stomping with Denise, and they’ll have so much more fun!  Just go with the flow that day. Let them do what they want once we get to the session, and you’ll have candid shots.  Your children can sense when you’re being “fake.” Sometimes, if kids hear their parents yelling “say cheese” or “smile right now” they will have an immediate meltdown.  I want them to look back at finger painting, baking, running through a field and remember how much fun it was; I don’t want then to dread a future session with me. It’s easier for a parent to just sit back and relax on a bench while we go and grab some fun shots with them just being a kid!  If for some reason your child just isn’t “into it” that day and is in what I call “total meltdown mode,” don’t stress, we will reschedule.


After the session:

Usually shortly after the session I will post some “sneak peeks” on Facebook, so you can get a glimpse.  Then, you can expect a CD with AT LEAST 15 edited images to be mailed to you.  From there, you have the rights to this CD to print whatever pictures at whatever sizes you like.  These pictures make great canvases too! I recommend printing at an actual photo lab; I’ve been using for our family photos, and I have been very happy with it!


Once again thank you so much! Feel free to contact me with any questions!





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