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Kelsey Anderson Workshop

Helloo long lost blog, why haven’t I been following up on my New Year’s resolution of blogging more uuuuggghh!  What a great time to start blogging again, right after my workshop with Kelsey Anderson Photography.  I’m so glad Sarah talked to me about having Kelsey come to Indy for a workshop, not that she had to twist my arm at all (she never does haha) but I had no idea Kelsey did workshops outside of her already booked cities and she lives in Vegas.  If you haven’t seen Kelsey’s work, you are missing out.  There are FEW photographer’s work whose work is timeless and unique all in one.  She is a genius light goddess and I’m so stinking excited I got to meet her.

I have never attended a workshop before so I had no idea what it’d be like.  Leading up to the workshop so many things worried me.  Would it be super fast and over my head?? Would I be worried about Jack all day (this will be the longest I’ve left him)?? Would there be a HUGE group and I’d be lost in the crowd? How would she help each of us, and maintain our individuality? Would my work not even compare to the other photographers?? Well I took a huge deep breathe and met them downtown!

Our day started out meeting downtown and drinking some Starbucks and just chatting.  We then, ran around downtown taking headshots of each other and other random police officers ;).  Meeting some of the sweet faces that have inspired, commented, chatted, and helped me grow this past year of diving into photography was great.  I’ve been following (ok slightly stalking) Kelsey’s work for about a year, so I was also a little starstruck when I met her.  She was so down to earth and real and I think that’s what made each of us so comfortable.  She plopped down in front of our cameras in her skyhigh heels and made each of us come out of our shells.  In the morning session we were taking pictures of each other and finding great light.  She then would check our images and tell us what to work on, how to fix things, and what she would do. She finds light in the most random places and I LOVE IT!!!! We all went to lunch together and then went to the hotel for some post-processing before our sunset shoots.  Each of us had questions and she answered each one with patience.  I had never even used Lightroom before and now I’m definitely going to purchase.

The sun disappeared behind the clouds for our sunset shoot~~boo.  But, it was almost better that way.  She taught us where she would go to find that great light and let’s just say I’m pretty embarrassed I’ve lived in Indy ALL my life and she went to places I had never even thought of.  Some of Sarah’s clients met us, and they all were just gorgeous.  I learned so much and can’t believe the difference in my in camera images!!

If you are on the fence about doing a workshop, DO IT!  This has brought me to a whole new level of photography, it will save me so much time post-processing so I can spend more time with my family.  It’s so hard to put yourself out there and let people critique your work.  My photography is so special and close to my heart.  Putting your work on display for critique is nerve-wracking~~~heck, I’m sure Kelsey probably couldn’t even tell that my images were even in focus since I was so nervous to show my “behind the scenes” in camera shots, BUT letting someone you trust and that you look up to to learn from is a great way to grow.

<3 Denise





Chelsea Ahlgrim - May 15, 2012 - 12:30 pm

FANTASTIC images, Denise! I am so jealous that you got to do a workshop with her. What an experience. And yes, Light Room is definitely worth purchasing. It makes things so much easier. I love it!

Kelsey {Las Vegas Photographer} - May 15, 2012 - 1:39 pm

You rocked it girl! I am so happy you took the leap of faith and attended because you were so much fun and I would have missed out getting to know another fab person!! Keep it up girly! Your going to go far!! xoxo

Helllllooo Photography

I’ve received a lot of emails asking tips and questioning how I got started in this crazy photography world.  I figured maybe doing a blog post on it atleast all the information is in one spot and maybe somewhat organized (ha!).  By writing this I hope you understand that I have SOOOO much more to learn, and I by no means think I’m “accomplished” or that I should be dishing out information or anything like that. :)I’m SO excited for all that I have to learn, I’m a total workshop junkie I can’t get enough!!! But, I wouldn’t be in this spot and wouldn’t even know where to learn it if it weren’t for some people helping me along the way so I want to pay it forward to you.  Think of it as a contained rambling of my LOVE for this field!  Photography is an ever-growing field and there’s so many photographers out there.  Super-overwhelming and kind of makes me sweat thinking about it.  BUT you know what?? There’s a reason you jumped into this field and a reason your interested so stick to your thoughts and your beliefs and your OWN ideas and good things will come.


To start off I got my first DSLR a Nikon D90 a few months after my son was born and purchased a 50mm 1.4g lens thanks to information from Sarah Hill (sarah-bethphotography).  She could’ve told me to purchase a 10-1000mm 1.0g and I would’ve been googling for weeks ;).  I wanted to take better pictures of my own family and had always been interested in photography, but only had point and shoots before.  From there I shot in Auto or Aperture priority mode until I started dabbling in manual mode.  I had no idea what I was doing, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.  I then signed up for Sara-beth photography’s mom’s with cameras to learn about shooting in manual mode.  The things I learned clicked with the things that weren’t working before.  Needless to say I had MANY a-ha moments!  I then purchased “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson to read at work, since I couldn’t take pictures at work I might as well get some more insight on my camera.  It helped me alot also.  No books, no charts, no googling will outweigh practicing.  Practicing in different lights, angles, clouds, times of day is so important.  I remember shooting my first “shoot” with a friends little girl at noon because I figured that was the *best* prime lighting hahahaha I learned from that! You learn backlighting, you learn shadows, you learn what times are best. Spending TONS of money on a new amazing camera that you can only work in auto mode isn’t the best way to learn.  Yes I’d love a D4, but the D700 is plenty of yummy goodness for me right now :).  I purchased the D700 once I learned all the ins and outs of the D90, I learned that I wanted a full-frame I knew I was pushing some of the ISO capabilities, but in reality the D90 helped me learn so many basics and helped me learn to find great light! Some of my all-time favorite pictures were taken with my D90 so don’t think you need to go out at spend thousands.


I’ve learned so much from my fellow Indy photogs and I can’t even begin to thank them.  I guess I can’t express how important having a support system is also.  Start following local photographers, sign up to be a “helper”,  sign up to be a prop holder, baby soother, door opener, poop wiper.  Believe me, you will learn! Yes you may not get paid, but the info you will learn will become invaluable! From how to soothe a newborn to how to interact with clients, making them feel comfortable, being behind the scenes can be so very important.


With the internet there’s so many websites, forums, and chats all related to photography.  Start following photographers that jump out at you on facebook.  Some that I love are Wildflowers, Three Nails, Kelsey Anderson, Jen Carver, & Crave Photography.    A lot of blogs & facebook pages have SUCH valuable information.  Clickinmoms, Pure photoshop actions, Evoking you, The Maternal Lens, florabella, oh so posh, pioneer woman, coffeeshop blog all have links & sometimes even have videos showing exactly what to do in photoshop.


Lastly, be true to yourself.  There’s so much drama that I see on facebook and even receive in my inbox.  People hounding other photographers for info, clients, details.  Be yourself.  Be inspired by other photographers, don’t copy.  Do what makes you happy! Your unique and that’s what your clients want!

I hope this helps!!




PS thanks to pinterest and evoking you for these cute quotes I loved!!

Spring 2012 Minis!

I’m so very sorry for the delay in posting info for the spring/Easter Minis.  If you don’t know this yet, I’m a total animal lover, so when I thought about bringing some baby chicks in for a session I had to make sure that they would have a great home.  Thankfully we have found a wonderful farm where the chicks will go! I’m so excited for these sessions and I hope no one is picturing super bright easter colors and a cheesy bunny backdrop, although I would PAY to see my husband dress up as the Easter bunny!  I’ve been collecting some of my usual vintage flare for these sessions and I’m very excited!! These sessions will NOT be in a studio since baby chicks will be involved so I’m searching for the perfect spot.  I would love to do the sessions outdoors, but if it does rain I’m actually going to do the session in my home! We have old wood floors that have had worse than baby chick poop on them ;).  Picture muted yellows, turquoises, greens, and creams, old chippy painted doors, and of course some baby chicks!

Session Details:

When: Saturday April 14th & Sunday April 15th

Times: Half hour sessions that run every 45 minutes. 

April 14th: 1030, 11:15, 12:00, 2:15, 3:00, 3:45, 4:30

April 15th: 1030, 11:15, 12:00, 2:15, 3:00, 3:45, 4:30

depending on lighting a 515 session could possibly be added but will post at a later point.

What you receive: 10 custom edited images on a CD with printing rights.  I recommend printing through me OR using, or Roberts professional labs.  Using Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc. degrades the amazing colors, resolution, and total image quality that you are receiving.  Mpix has extremely reasonable pricing and ships very quickly!

How Much: $125.  A $50 deposit is due within 5 days of booking and goes towards your total fee.  This can be paid via paypal to or please contact me if you would like to mail a check.

How do you sign up???? Email me at it’s first come, first serve.   I will email you as soon as possible and let you know if the time you wanted is still open, if your free the whole day and don’t mind when just let me know and I’ll fill you into a slot.  If a time slot you want is taken and deposit isn’t received, then that spot will be opened and I will repost it.


**Please feel free to contact me with any questions at all.  These sessions would not be great for newborns.  Clients will be required to sign a release if the baby chicks are used in your pictures, my husband is an attorney and makes me do all this craaazzzy paperwork just in case 😉

Mother’s Day Mom & Me Minis

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there

Ok mamas! These minis will be super special.  These will be completed by Mother’s Day so would make great gifts for grandmas too, but will make an amazing gift for your daughter and yourself!  Here’s the details!


All photos taken by my own wedding photographer Rich Miller.  If your looking for a wedding photog he is AMAZING!




One day your sweet little gal will be saying her vows and getting ready for her big special day, and you will be right by her side when she does.  I want to capture momma and her gal playing dress-up for her big day.  I would love for mom’s to bring their wedding dress if possible to hang in the window and maybe try on (if that’s ok with you), but if not, I will have a vintage wedding dress and flower girls dresses in different sizes for your little one to wear & lots of accessories.  Picture brushing her hair, putting on grandma’s pearls, spraying perfume, putting on those finishing touches.  One day when she does walk down the aisle I would LOOOVEE to see these pictures in a frame with her actual wedding day photos!!! I personally would’ve loved to have these special moments with my mom.  SO since these are so special, I’m too scared to just give out CDs with the images.  I’m afraid they won’t get printed and lost in the shuffle which is easy to do.  Just think if your grandma’s wedding images were captured on a CD would you have ever even seen them?  These sessions will be a little more expensive than my other minis because they will come with a CD an 8×10 of your choice and 3 5×7’s.  Obviously you can order more through me and order albums too!






Ok Ladies I’m super excited for these minis!  As of right now these will be schedule as follows and if there’s alot of interest I’ll add another date:)

WHEN: Sunday April 22nd

WHERE: TBA possibly at Stutz studio downtown, although if you’ve met me you know that I’m constantly scouring Indy for new locations

TIMES: 10, 10:45, 11:30, 12:15, 2:15, 3:00, 3:45, and 4:30 sessions available

WHAT YOU GET: CD with 10-15 images, an 8×10 of your choice, and 3 5×7’s

PRICE: $150 there is a $50 paypal deposit to hold your spot that will go towards your session

HOW TO BOOK: email with the time you want, these are first come first serve.  My paypal account is deposit must be received within 3 days of booking or time will be opened up for another person.

**If you have more than 2 daughters, I would recommend booking 2 spots**


PLEASE feel free to contact me with any questions!!

F a c e b o o k