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Wildflowers Photography Mentoring

So I guess I should start out with a little intro to how I even began on this little adventure to California.  I dove into the photography world a little over a year ago and I’m just now finding my nitch.   Starting out, it’s great to shoot everything to find out what you love.  You start to search for what inspires you and I remember the very first time I saw a Wildflowers Photography photo.  It was Joy’s “Up” engagement shoot.  I had never seen someone take so much time, effort, and planning for one special couple and it really started an ongoing inspiration.  It just really took my breathe away.  Over the past year I’ve learned what I love about photography and I wanted to gain more experience in Storytelling photography and start to steer my business this way.  I wanted to join in on one of Joy’s workshops but I was still nursing my son who wasn’t taking a bottle and spending a few days away seemed impossible at that point.  Well, everything happens for a reason because from there Joy opened up her one on one mentoring.  It sounded so PERFECT!  I chatted with my husband and we knew that if I didn’t do it NOW then I wouldn’t be able to do it again for about 2-3 years (I’m a clingy mom and I make clingy babies, I’ll admit it).  Chatting with Joy we quickly scheduled a time where both of us and our baby bumps could meet.  I’m so thankful she squeezed me in between their roadtrips and before Christmas, being prego flying in 3rd trimester isn’t really recommended. Joy welcomed me into their home and treated me like a long lost friend.  For a new mom traveling pregnant across the country, having never flown by herself and having never left her son for more than one night to feel so comfortable really means something.  Joy was amazing!  We went over everything, a lot of the topics had never, ever even crossed my mind.  I feel so much more confident turning the new page on the business front.  PLUS the gal spoiled me rotten!  Between delicious burgers, antique store shopping, massages, and gorgeous scenery it was the most perfect break that this momma needed.  To top it all off we did a little styled shoot with Ms. Clementine and her daddy.  The sun decided to hide away, but I was just so thankful it wasn’t raining or snowing like it was back in Indianapolis!

Joy actually bought this lil vintage horse at one of the antique stores we went to.  Then, her hubby brought out Clementines adorable vintage kitchen.  Holy cuteness overload! And last but not least we got some Daddy snuggle time in.  I think Clementine was LOVING the fact that she was an only child for a little bit and soaked it up big time!Joy, I truly can’t thank you enough! I learned so much and I’m still learning from my notes & little tips.  You’ve already saved me so much special time with my family away from the computer.  Balancing family, marriage, work, and photography is not easy and having guidance in the right direction has been the best decision I’ve ever made.   I’ve also met a prop collector that doesn’t make me feel as crazy as my husband thinks I am!  If you are thinking about mentoring or heading to Joy’s workshop and your on the fence, please email me because for me, it was so worth it! I’m so excited for upcoming things for my business and I hope you are too!

I thought the quote below was just perfect, actually just purchased this print for our home.




kelsey clark - December 22, 2012 - 5:10 pm

DENISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE them!!!! so simple…so perfect…and i couldn’t be happier for you!!!!! still looking forward to our mommy date!!! :) xo

Vintage Christmas Minis 2012





Thanks so much for your kind words and sweet messages they mean more than you’ll ever know! I had some of the same questions pop up in my inbox soo I figured a blog post would just be easier:)

Yes this vision was a little dramatic and huge and I’m crazy, I originally saw something like this on pinterest and my mind was swept away with all the details that could happen and how to make it magical like Christmas, then bringing it outside, then when I pictured this location in the woods where the trees open perfectly I knew it had to happen.

Yes we have a truck! Seriously don’t know what we’d do without it.  Last night we emptied the christmas stuff and put in a bathtub haha it never ends and my husband and his friends may want to kill me.

Yes yesterday went off without a glitch! I’m so sosososo thankful, but I do also sort of try to prepare for the worst.  I bring extra blankets and pillows for pukers and wet feet.  I bring extra outfits just in case there’s a major mishap.  Always have tape, clips, scissors, and extra batteries.  I always call the location even if it’s a public park to let them know I’ll be there where I’ll be and leave my cell.  Its just respectful and they usually are so thankful that I called.  I hate from them to waste time thinking I’m out there dumping trash or lord only knows what!  If it’s a private property I usually do a shoot with the family if they are up for it.  The only snag we had was we thought the bedframe would fit a queen size mattress, we drug out our queen the night before and sure enough it didn’t fit!  SOoo I didn’t think anyone close had a full mattress the night before so we used two air mattresses and filled between sessions.  It was more like a water bed but was much more portable.

Yes I’m only one person….as a photographer.  But, for minis I have helpers.  Yesterday my hubby helped and my friend Melinda helped setup.  Usually I’ll have atleast one other person there to keep things running on time and hold babies/throw snow/move an entire bed 😉


To get the surprised look on Irelynn’s face or to get kids being genuinely happy I really just let them do what they want.  If they cry on the bed, take them off the bed.  If they want to jump in the snow, let them jump in the snow.  I just go with the flow and try to force nothing, unless the sun is literally glaring in their face.  Most my clients are used to my work not being the super posed normal family session/shot so they just let the kids have fun! We try to make it fun and get them to truly laugh.  I’m still covered in snow from my husband tossing snow at me and I’m pretty sure I was attacked by a sock monkey multiple times but the kids loved it and that’s what makes it worth it:)

I’m *hoping* to do another round, but I’m going to see how editing these goes.  With me being prego, my late night editing days are over so it takes a little more daytime editing and with a little one running around it’s a little more difficult, but my facebook page will be the first place I post if I do!

I’m so thankful for the gorgeous weather and all my gorgeous clients who came out to play!! It really was amazing:)



Vintage Christmas Minis Sign Up

SOO glad to announce that we’re doing Christmas minis 2012!!!

These are 20 minute time slots where you will receive 10 digital edited images through dropbox (a way of emailing photos) to download and do what you wish.  No CDs this year.  Dropbox is wonderful because you can’t lose it in the future ;).

Sessions are $200 and a $50 non-refundable deposit is due within 24 hours of booking.  This can either be through paypal (highly recommended) to or I will message our address if you’d rather pay with cash/check to hold your spot.  $150 is due session day.

These are for immediate families only, meaning not extended families/multiple groups of people/multiple families, etc. since they are only 20 mins.

I think Christmas pjs would just be the icing on the cake for these sessions especially with the antique bed, that’s just me 😉


Sessions are THIS Saturday Nov. 17th at 2p, 230p, 3p, 330p, 4p, 430p at Southeastway Park 5624 South Carroll Road

These are first come first serve, to book email saying that you would like a spot. If there is a certain time that you would like to request or that you can only do mention that; if your open to any time slot mention that & the odds are more in your favor since we’re only doing one round. If deposit isn’t received within 24hrs then the slot gets opened unless discussed.

Thanks so much!!!!!! I really really can’t wait to do this setup!!!

*For those of you who book I’ll be emailing more details*

A Wonderful 2012

As I sit here and organize pictures and edit away, even though I’m not even really booking sessions right now, I’m so thankful for my little creative outlet world that has been created.  This all started a little over a year ago and I can’t imagine life without photography.  I’m also so thankful for my clients and fans and their comments on my work, sounds cheesy I know, BUT it means the world to me that people that have followed me since day one are still in love with my images.  It is so special to me when my mini sessions always book up and usually atleast another day be added because of return clients coming back even if they already had a full session that year.  I’m so thankful that friends from out of town want me to schedule a full day of sessions for their hometown friends since they enjoy my work.  I’m so thankful that my friends are totally up for whatever my ideas are so that I can see if a setup is what I’m actually wanting it to be while we get to catch up and chit chat for a bit too.  It’s so neat to have the same kids run up and give me a hug session after session.  Yes, don’t get me wrong I love meeting new clients, but flying through a million sessions, scheduling 5 clients a day, and just making the money isn’t what I’m in it for.  Next year my work will hopefully revolve even more about “storytelling” photography, not just stand on a leafy path and say cheese kind of photography.  I’ll have two kiddos so scheduling will be kept to a minimum and I truly believe you should be shooting what you love.  Spending more time getting to know families and kids and what really makes them unique and special and incorporating that creatively into sessions is what I *really* want to do.

I’ve been dreaming about doing a little vintage bathtub session with Jack and my belly for a while, and to be honest I wasn’t sure how I was going to describe to one of my photographer friends to come shoot me and my kiddo in a bathtub outside haha.  That being said I couldn’t do any of this without my hubster’s help.  He works over-time and has a million court dates, emails, and important things to do but still gets an excited look on his face when I start rambling about a new idea I’m pumped about.  He drives up to Lafayette to get an antique tub because I found a good deal on craigslist and doesn’t complain about it sitting in our yard with the vintage piano ;).  He runs inside knowing that it’s still freakishly warm in November one evening and says “get ready the sun just set and we’ll have a little time to get some shots of you and Jack in the bathtub if you hurry.” Love him.  Soooo I set up the camera and Pat, my husband, shot these for me and I edited.  It was almost totally dark out but that d700 makes it dreamy.  I’m so glad I could share them on facebook without drama, I’ve seen it a million times, people commenting pretty rude comments on a family’s images on other pages.  And to be honest, I almost put a little disclaimer (I am not naked I’m in a strapless bathing suit and this isn’t a freezing tub of water it’s just foam pillow stuffing) but that would’ve ruined each photos true meaning and luckily most the people that *like* my page must get my art~~~or atleast they haven’t said anything rude yet haha.

Thanks my dears!!!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this next year!!

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