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Vintage Christmas Minis 2012





Thanks so much for your kind words and sweet messages they mean more than you’ll ever know! I had some of the same questions pop up in my inbox soo I figured a blog post would just be easier:)

Yes this vision was a little dramatic and huge and I’m crazy, I originally saw something like this on pinterest and my mind was swept away with all the details that could happen and how to make it magical like Christmas, then bringing it outside, then when I pictured this location in the woods where the trees open perfectly I knew it had to happen.

Yes we have a truck! Seriously don’t know what we’d do without it.  Last night we emptied the christmas stuff and put in a bathtub haha it never ends and my husband and his friends may want to kill me.

Yes yesterday went off without a glitch! I’m so sosososo thankful, but I do also sort of try to prepare for the worst.  I bring extra blankets and pillows for pukers and wet feet.  I bring extra outfits just in case there’s a major mishap.  Always have tape, clips, scissors, and extra batteries.  I always call the location even if it’s a public park to let them know I’ll be there where I’ll be and leave my cell.  Its just respectful and they usually are so thankful that I called.  I hate from them to waste time thinking I’m out there dumping trash or lord only knows what!  If it’s a private property I usually do a shoot with the family if they are up for it.  The only snag we had was we thought the bedframe would fit a queen size mattress, we drug out our queen the night before and sure enough it didn’t fit!  SOoo I didn’t think anyone close had a full mattress the night before so we used two air mattresses and filled between sessions.  It was more like a water bed but was much more portable.

Yes I’m only one person….as a photographer.  But, for minis I have helpers.  Yesterday my hubby helped and my friend Melinda helped setup.  Usually I’ll have atleast one other person there to keep things running on time and hold babies/throw snow/move an entire bed 😉


To get the surprised look on Irelynn’s face or to get kids being genuinely happy I really just let them do what they want.  If they cry on the bed, take them off the bed.  If they want to jump in the snow, let them jump in the snow.  I just go with the flow and try to force nothing, unless the sun is literally glaring in their face.  Most my clients are used to my work not being the super posed normal family session/shot so they just let the kids have fun! We try to make it fun and get them to truly laugh.  I’m still covered in snow from my husband tossing snow at me and I’m pretty sure I was attacked by a sock monkey multiple times but the kids loved it and that’s what makes it worth it:)

I’m *hoping* to do another round, but I’m going to see how editing these goes.  With me being prego, my late night editing days are over so it takes a little more daytime editing and with a little one running around it’s a little more difficult, but my facebook page will be the first place I post if I do!

I’m so thankful for the gorgeous weather and all my gorgeous clients who came out to play!! It really was amazing:)



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