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A Wonderful 2012

As I sit here and organize pictures and edit away, even though I’m not even really booking sessions right now, I’m so thankful for my little creative outlet world that has been created.  This all started a little over a year ago and I can’t imagine life without photography.  I’m also so thankful for my clients and fans and their comments on my work, sounds cheesy I know, BUT it means the world to me that people that have followed me since day one are still in love with my images.  It is so special to me when my mini sessions always book up and usually atleast another day be added because of return clients coming back even if they already had a full session that year.  I’m so thankful that friends from out of town want me to schedule a full day of sessions for their hometown friends since they enjoy my work.  I’m so thankful that my friends are totally up for whatever my ideas are so that I can see if a setup is what I’m actually wanting it to be while we get to catch up and chit chat for a bit too.  It’s so neat to have the same kids run up and give me a hug session after session.  Yes, don’t get me wrong I love meeting new clients, but flying through a million sessions, scheduling 5 clients a day, and just making the money isn’t what I’m in it for.  Next year my work will hopefully revolve even more about “storytelling” photography, not just stand on a leafy path and say cheese kind of photography.  I’ll have two kiddos so scheduling will be kept to a minimum and I truly believe you should be shooting what you love.  Spending more time getting to know families and kids and what really makes them unique and special and incorporating that creatively into sessions is what I *really* want to do.

I’ve been dreaming about doing a little vintage bathtub session with Jack and my belly for a while, and to be honest I wasn’t sure how I was going to describe to one of my photographer friends to come shoot me and my kiddo in a bathtub outside haha.  That being said I couldn’t do any of this without my hubster’s help.  He works over-time and has a million court dates, emails, and important things to do but still gets an excited look on his face when I start rambling about a new idea I’m pumped about.  He drives up to Lafayette to get an antique tub because I found a good deal on craigslist and doesn’t complain about it sitting in our yard with the vintage piano ;).  He runs inside knowing that it’s still freakishly warm in November one evening and says “get ready the sun just set and we’ll have a little time to get some shots of you and Jack in the bathtub if you hurry.” Love him.  Soooo I set up the camera and Pat, my husband, shot these for me and I edited.  It was almost totally dark out but that d700 makes it dreamy.  I’m so glad I could share them on facebook without drama, I’ve seen it a million times, people commenting pretty rude comments on a family’s images on other pages.  And to be honest, I almost put a little disclaimer (I am not naked I’m in a strapless bathing suit and this isn’t a freezing tub of water it’s just foam pillow stuffing) but that would’ve ruined each photos true meaning and luckily most the people that *like* my page must get my art~~~or atleast they haven’t said anything rude yet haha.

Thanks my dears!!!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this next year!!

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