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Kelsey Anderson Workshop

Helloo long lost blog, why haven’t I been following up on my New Year’s resolution of blogging more uuuuggghh!  What a great time to start blogging again, right after my workshop with Kelsey Anderson Photography.  I’m so glad Sarah talked to me about having Kelsey come to Indy for a workshop, not that she had to twist my arm at all (she never does haha) but I had no idea Kelsey did workshops outside of her already booked cities and she lives in Vegas.  If you haven’t seen Kelsey’s work, you are missing out.  There are FEW photographer’s work whose work is timeless and unique all in one.  She is a genius light goddess and I’m so stinking excited I got to meet her.

I have never attended a workshop before so I had no idea what it’d be like.  Leading up to the workshop so many things worried me.  Would it be super fast and over my head?? Would I be worried about Jack all day (this will be the longest I’ve left him)?? Would there be a HUGE group and I’d be lost in the crowd? How would she help each of us, and maintain our individuality? Would my work not even compare to the other photographers?? Well I took a huge deep breathe and met them downtown!

Our day started out meeting downtown and drinking some Starbucks and just chatting.  We then, ran around downtown taking headshots of each other and other random police officers ;).  Meeting some of the sweet faces that have inspired, commented, chatted, and helped me grow this past year of diving into photography was great.  I’ve been following (ok slightly stalking) Kelsey’s work for about a year, so I was also a little starstruck when I met her.  She was so down to earth and real and I think that’s what made each of us so comfortable.  She plopped down in front of our cameras in her skyhigh heels and made each of us come out of our shells.  In the morning session we were taking pictures of each other and finding great light.  She then would check our images and tell us what to work on, how to fix things, and what she would do. She finds light in the most random places and I LOVE IT!!!! We all went to lunch together and then went to the hotel for some post-processing before our sunset shoots.  Each of us had questions and she answered each one with patience.  I had never even used Lightroom before and now I’m definitely going to purchase.

The sun disappeared behind the clouds for our sunset shoot~~boo.  But, it was almost better that way.  She taught us where she would go to find that great light and let’s just say I’m pretty embarrassed I’ve lived in Indy ALL my life and she went to places I had never even thought of.  Some of Sarah’s clients met us, and they all were just gorgeous.  I learned so much and can’t believe the difference in my in camera images!!

If you are on the fence about doing a workshop, DO IT!  This has brought me to a whole new level of photography, it will save me so much time post-processing so I can spend more time with my family.  It’s so hard to put yourself out there and let people critique your work.  My photography is so special and close to my heart.  Putting your work on display for critique is nerve-wracking~~~heck, I’m sure Kelsey probably couldn’t even tell that my images were even in focus since I was so nervous to show my “behind the scenes” in camera shots, BUT letting someone you trust and that you look up to to learn from is a great way to grow.

<3 Denise





Chelsea Ahlgrim - May 15, 2012 - 12:30 pm

FANTASTIC images, Denise! I am so jealous that you got to do a workshop with her. What an experience. And yes, Light Room is definitely worth purchasing. It makes things so much easier. I love it!

Kelsey {Las Vegas Photographer} - May 15, 2012 - 1:39 pm

You rocked it girl! I am so happy you took the leap of faith and attended because you were so much fun and I would have missed out getting to know another fab person!! Keep it up girly! Your going to go far!! xoxo

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