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How to sign up for young living…it can be confusing!

Hey guys! I thought a few pictures of the sign up process could help…it gets sort of confusing. I’ll atleast get you through the main parts! Right now a box will come up letting you know that there may be a delay in regular shipping times, I usually recommend bumping up shipping to two day, etc. if you’re wanting your kit quickly because those packages ARE going out on time! Also always feel free to contact me, usually I can make sure the next day that your order went through correctly.

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Essential Oils…What in the world is Denise going on and on about

Welp I thought it would be easiest to maybe have all this information in one spot so I can direct friends to it since phone calls these days consist of chasing children and dogs and forgetting my own name. Anyways, here are some notes on why I chose to try out Young Living Oils, why I chose to even try oils in the first place, and what I hope/see for usage in my own family. I’m not an expert so don’t quote me~~this is just what makes sense in my head 😉 that’s kind a scary thought 😉

Why oils and Why Young Living Oils?
To be honest I saw friends posting months ago about essential oils how they were life changing, etc. Yes I was intrigued, but I thought it was another gimmic. I don’t buy into all the sales type stuff that’s around. I don’t use Mary Kay… I use walgreens makeup 😉 The only time I buy 31 bags is to benefit friends’ donations, its just not me. When I read about oils helping to calm little ones to sleep or helping boost immunity I started reading more and more. I work in the health field OBVIOUSLY I believe in medicine. But I also believe things are being overpresrcibed, MRSA and CDIFF are everywhere and that’s just a scary thought that these superbugs are out there and there aren’t very many choices for Doctors once it gets that far, especially if there are allergies, etc. My thinking on the matter is, if I can prevent the tiny colds, tiny infections without using antibiotics, then when something BIG hits us my kids won’t have a tolerance built up.

So then I realized there’s ALOT of different brands of oils, from cheap to expensive. My husband says I have a knack for choosing the most expensive things, haha yes I do, but I usually have my reasoning Mr Rooney! Yes you may see oils at a whole foods store for super cheap or other brands may have cheaper oils, BUT do a little research. Believe me I saw that cheap bottle at Earth Fare the other day, and I did grab it as I was anxiously awaiting my kit to come in, but reading the back of the bottles it’s not the same in comparison! In my mind, if I am making the effort to consciously get on this health kick and make a batch of sleep cream, or immunity defense, I want to know that the oil is PURE and I want to know that the company knows exactly where those plant crops come from and own the farms, because what’s the point of throwing a bunch of “fillers” on your kiddo if your trying to jump on this healthy train. My friend Jessica signed up with Young Living and that’s when i really looked into their product, even though the hefty price tag of the premium kit lingered over my head. BUT with that kit you do receive a heck of alot of oils and a diffuser!

What have I been using?
I have been diffusing thieves, purification ALOT to help immunity since Jack is starting at school and we’ve never had all those germs around us. My kids have never been awesome sleepers, so I’ve also been diffusing Lavender & Peace and Calming around bath/bedtime. I have a little sleep cream (lavender/peace and calming) and coconut oil that I put on the boy’s feet before bed. YES I have seen a difference. Charlie is now sleeping through the night and Jack is not completely there, but getting up once (which is alot better than before) I am going to tweak his recipe to add in Cedarwood when it comes in the mail hopefully in the next few days. Every kid is different every person is different, that’s kind of why it’s nice to get the kit/own set so you have options to test out what you need more/less of instead of just buying a batch of sleep cream of me. The other day something REEKED from our fridge everytime you opened the door, I diffused purification while I found the culprit and our house smelled no more. Pat, my husband, call these my voodoo Denise oils, BUT he did use some of the sleep cream and slept like a baby the other night 😉

When I first got the kit I had no idea where to begin, but there are so many wonderful help groups, tip sheets, etc. out there and groups I can add you to. There are single oils, blends already in bottles, or you can mix your own. The main thing to keep an eye out for is knowing whether an oil needs a “carrier” so basically it needs to be put in some coconut oil or whatever carrier you’d like to use before put directly on skin. It’s crazy all the different uses from asthma, cleaning recipes, cold sores, muscle aches and pains, migraines, basically any ailment has a little recipe that can be whipped up!

Where to start? I personally recommend signing up as a wholesale member so you can receive that 24% on future orders. You don’t have to start “selling”, etc. But for it to continue each year you do need the $50 per year spend on oils, which if you fall in love with them, won’t be hard to do…..and if not then you can just not do it the next year. For me and maybe preventing a few rounds of antibiotics the $160 was worth it and I got the premium kit.

A friend of mine who is definitely more informative than me on all this is so sweet and is going to do a little workshop in my studio downtown so we can all learn more! I’ll definitely keep you posted on dates/times, etc.

If your interested in looking into any oils or getting yourself a kit here’s how you go about that

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: make sure “Wholesale Member” is marked off instead of “Retail Customer.” This signs you as a “member” to Young Living and it’s the only way to get access to the kit and the 24% discount you get afterwards. It’s really important!
Step 3: make sure my member numbers are in both the sponsor & enroller blanks – 1949769 (they should be entered here for you if you used the link in step 1)
Step 4: Fill out all the information. It will ask you for your ss# but this is only for legal purposes so that you have the ability to bring in a paycheck (YL is a referral based business). If you never sign anyone up, your ss # will never be used. Lemon Droppers do not pressure people into the business end…EVER. We want you to use and love your oils and we love you as a member whether you work the business end or not.
Step 5: Make sure you write down your pin, user name and password when you choose it because you’ll need that in the future to log into your account.
Step 6: Select the first “PREMIUM STARTER KIT” This is the one with the everyday oils kit and the diffuser and the start living kit. It will be $150. (There is also now a $160 option with a sleeker diffuser. They’re otherwise the SAME kit.) The cheaper kits do not include oils AND a diffuser, trust me that would be very disappointing!
Step 7: Scroll down through the “Essential Rewards Kits” and click “no thank you” (you are not obligated to sign up for Essential Rewards at this time, but it does have some great benefits, but to be honest, I always tell my new members to get the kit, try the oils out, and then talk to me before your NEXT purchase. We then we will see if ER is right for you and your family).
Step 8: At the bottom of the screen hit Next.
Step 9: Confirm your enrollment information (you should see my name as your enroller and sponsor, or the person who referred you).
Step 10: Add any oils, capsules, or products that you would like in addition to your kit if there are any that you would like.
Step 11: Check out and you are DONE! WOOHOO! YAY!! You are a member!! Wooooohoooo!!! I remember how excited I was to receive my starter kit. Your membership will stay active as long as you spend at least $50 in a calendar year. You do not have to continue to renew your membership each year… that kit was a one-time thing and you will remain a member as long as you spend that $50 a year. Which, trust me… that won’t be a problem. While you are waiting on your kit to arrive, feel free to check out some information on How to Use Your Essential Oils. This is a great way to start learning about your Oils so you’ll be ready the moment they arrive!!Young Living –

Mama & Her Boy Indianapolis Indiana Family Photographer

Ohhhhhh these two. Nicole & I were pregnant with our boys at the same time & delivered within weeks of each other, I’ve taken a lot of Keaton’s shots and watching him grow up right in front of my eyes is so special. There’s just something special & heartfelt about mama & her kiddo shots. These were some of my favorite ever of these two!

Lynch Family ~ Indianapolis Indiana Family Photographer

This family melts my heart! Mama emailed me soon after I had my little Charlie and was wondering if I was back to shooting yet. I shot their first maternity session about a year and a half ago with cutie pie Finley when I first started photography and I knew they would have to be my first family back from maternity leave. I truly love capturing them just being themselves on their land so much:)they had just moved to 7 acres and wanted to include their full family of 2 pups and 2 horses. They are just that laidback, easy as can be, gorgeous family.I really really really wish we were neighbors, maybe some day! The light was gorgeous and so were they!

My First Red Thread Session

“An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.” – Ancient Chinese Proverb

This session was meant to be. I had literally just turned on my maternity leave responder to inform clients that responses may be taking longer than usual and was actually calling my husband to email me and make sure it worked when all the sudden Bethany’s email popped up. I saw her story and knew I had to do this one last session before baby #2 arrived. Luckily they were available as soon as possible and turns out God gave us a gorgeous February sunset (which never happens in Indianapolis).

Here’s their inspiring blog

A little slideshow of my first Red Thread Session.

Red Thread Session from Denise Rooney on Vimeo.

Heather Barnes - February 19, 2013 - 11:47 pm

This is so lovely!! What a cutie! Great work.

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